Application Criteria

All prospective tenants are required to pass the application process in order to be considered for residency at a BRIM Properties managed location.   By submitting an application prospective tenants are giving consent and approval for BRIM Properties to verify any and all information submitted.  The five criteria that must be passed are-

  1. Credit Check All tenants must pass the credit approval process.  Any Judgments, Collections, or Liens of any kind will result in an automatic rejection of the application.
  2. Nation Wide Background Check All applications will be processed and searched on the nationwide background check.  Any past or pending felonies will result in an automatic rejection of the application.
  3. Employment Verification BRIM Properties reserves the right to verify all forms of employment listed on the application.  We require that household income exceed at a minimum three times the listed rent amount in order to be considered.
  4. Past Landlord Reference Any negative feedback given by past landlords will result in an automatic rejection of the application.  Past landlords will be asked the following questions- A- Did tenant pay on time? B- Was tenant ever served with a 3 day notice of any kind? If so what for? C- Is the tenant currently in good standing and have they given proper notice to vacate? D- Is tenants lease being terminated by management for any reason? E- Would you rent to this tenant again?
  5. Excessive Obligation- tenants must have an income that equals 3X rent expense.   If there are excessive monthly credit obligations such as credit card payments, car payments, student loans, etc... that must be met, those items will be weighted against the income requirements.  

-False information submitted when applying for a property will result in an automatic rejection the application.  

-We accept and approve all applications on a "first come, first served" basis.   The first application we receive will be run through the credit, background, employment, and past landlord verification and will either be accepted or rejected before we move on to the next application received.    Any applications received but not run through the necessary checks due to previous application received will not be charged the application fee. 

-Applications received by multiple parties applying together are not considered completed unless all parties have submitted the applications and made clear their intention of leasing the property together. 

-Anyone over the age of 18 years old must submit an application and will be subject to all the application criteria and will be required to be a full participant on the lease.  

-Applicants who require the use of a service animal must submit the necessary paperwork along with their application.   An application is not considered complete unless the three required documents to qualify an animal as a service animal have been submitted.  




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