General Policies

BRIM Properties General Policy's and Procedures

  • No Smoking in any of our units.  Utah Law requires that there is no smoking within 25 feet of any doorway or window.  Smoking in the units will result in an automatic eviction
  • No Pets.  We do not allow pets of any kind in our properties with no exceptions.  We consider that pets are different by definition than service animals.  The Utah Fair Housing Act amended in 2011 requires that we must allow service animals.  We adhere to the guidelines provided by the Utah Housing Authority as stated in Section R608-1-17.   In order to be considered to have a Service Animal we require 1- Animal Identification Form 2- Medical Request Form 3- Affidavit and Request for a Companion Animal.  All three forms can be requested at the BRIM Properties office.
  • No more than two residents per bedroom
  • BRIM Properties strictly follows the Utah Fair Housing Act in accordance with Title 57 Chapter 21 regarding discrimination
  • No Criminal Activity BRIM Properties is a member of the Utah Good Landlord Program and as such any and all criminal activity on any of our properties is reported to us by Unified Police.  Any criminal activity on the property will result in an eviction.
  • Satellite Dishes BRIM Properties follows the policies and procedures of satellite dishes as set forth by the FCC.  At lease signing all tenants are given the Satellite Dish Addendum with FCC rules and regulations for Satellite Dishes.  Any violation of this addendum will result in the automatic loss of the full deposit and a possible eviction.
  • Single Family Homes Salt Lake County regulations regarding single family homes requires that no more than three unrelated individuals can occupy a single family home.  More than 3 unrelated roommates applying for a single family home will not receive consideration due to Salt Lake County's Regulations.
  • Non-resident co-signers will only be allowed in special and unusual circumstances. Generally only in the case of full time students.  Co-signers will not be allowed for applicants who are denied based on their Credit Check, Background Check, or Past Landlord reference.   All non-resident co-signers will be required to meet the same criteria as regular applicants.  Co-signers will be required to provide BRIM Properties with full contact information, and be a full participant on the lease agreement.  
  • 30 day deposit refund Utah law allows any Landlord 30 days from the time the property is vacated to refund any amounts of the deposit that are remaining.  All amounts will be send via check to the forwarding address provided by the tenant.   A final accounting statement along with any receipts for work performed will be included.
  • Late Fee  All rents are due on the first of each month and considered late after the fifth.  Late fees are equal to 10% of the monthly rent.  If only a portion of the rent is paid by the fifth the entire late fee will still be assessed.
  • Non Sufficient Funds Fee  Any and all bounced checks and Electronic Funds Transfers will be charged a $40 NSF fee.  As well rent will be considered as paid late for the month and subject to the 10% late fee as stated above.

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